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Having your own pool at home can offer a lot of enjoyment to your family. However, it’s not all fun and games. Owning a pool entails proper maintenance to ensure it lasts well and will need minimal repairs over the years.

In reality, keeping your pool in excellent condition throughout the year takes considerable work and dedication. But with the proper knowledge, you can take appropriate care of your pool and ensure that it always looks its best.

Here are eight essential pool maintenance tips you should know to ensure that your pool stays in perfect condition.

Check the Quality of the Water

An essential thing to keep in mind when maintaining your pool is to test the water quality regularly and to add the right chemicals to the water. As much as possible, keep the chlorine levels the same at all times.

Adding chemicals to your swimming pool is a crucial step in maintaining your pool. Without the right chemical balance, your pool can be a breeding ground for bacteria, look dingy, and unsafe to swim in.

You should check the quality of your pool water at least once every week during the summer months, or more, if possible. Checking the chemical level of your pool is during the winter is likewise essential, but you can do it less frequently than in summer, like every week or two.

Remember to maintain a pH between 7.4 and 7.6. pH imbalance can lead to calcium buildup around the sides of your pool, and other kinds of problems that may require much time and money to resolve.

Clean the FilterClean the Filter

Another thing you need to keep in mind when maintaining your pool is to clean the filter regularly. You don’t need to clean the filter as often as you check the water quality and chemical level, but this step is essential to make sure your pool always looks good and is functioning as it should.

How often you should clean the filter depends on your pool condition and the weather, but generally, you must clean the filter every 3 to 6 months. We also recommend that you check the filter after a heavy storm as heavy rain and bad weather almost always mean that you need to clean your filter sooner than scheduled.

Clean Up Baskets and Collection Pots

Aside from the pool filter, it’s also essential to check the various baskets and collection pots of your pool.

For a start, clean the hair and lint pot on your pool’s pump. These are located inside of your pool’s pump within the clear glass. To clean these parts, turn off the pump and then release the system pressure. Clean them at least every two weeks, or when you deem necessary.

If your pool has a skimmer basket, debris catcher, or leaf basket, it’s also essential that you keep them well-maintained.

Monitor the Water Level

To keep your pool functioning properly, you must also keep an eye on its water level. If the water level becomes too low, it can affect the pump and cause it to dry out or burn up. Similarly, a high water level can also create a problem. It can cause the skimmer door not to function correctly.

Expect your pool’s water level to change from time to time because of several reasons, including the aftermath of a massive storm or after consistent pool usage, so it’s essential to check your pool regularly. The suggested water level should be at the halfway point of your pool skimmer.

Scrub and Skim

Scrub and Skim
Regular pool maintenance wouldn’t be complete without a good skimming and scrubbing. Skimming means to remove any substance or dirt from the surface of a liquid. In pool maintenance, skimming refers to the removal of leaves and other kinds of debris from the surface of your pool. We recommend that you skim your pool every day to keep your pool looking great.

Scrub your pool at least once every two weeks. Make sure to scrub the sides of your swimming pool with a proper brush to keep the sides of your pool clean. Scrubbing also helps to get rid of any algae that are starting to build up in your pool.

Use a Tennis Ball to Keep the Water Clean

Using a tennis ball to maintain the cleanliness of your pool may sound unusual, but it can be a useful way to help keep it clean.

Get a tennis ball and drop it into your pool. Let it stay there for a while. The tennis ball will absorb any oils that somehow found their way into the water of your swimming pool. These oils may come from products like suntan lotions, hair products, and natural body oils that pool users applied to their bodies before swimming. The tennis ball will absorb these oils and make your pool cleaner.

Winterize Your Pool

Another thing to remember in the maintenance of your pool is also to prepare it for winter.

By doing so, you’ll prevent a lot of potential problems and ensure that your pool is still in good condition when the next swimming season arrives. If you don’t prepare your pool from the winter, you might be faced with costly repairs later on.

For starters, make sure you use a water testing kit in maintaining the chemical balance of the pool water before you close your pool up for winter. Remember to get any extra water out of the plumbing lines and use the right pool cover to keep debris out.

Hire A Professional Pool Service

There are a lot of things you can do on your own to keep your pool well-maintained. However, there are still a few things that you can’t do on your own, and that’s where professionals come in. Nothing can beat the service of experienced professionals, so we recommend that you get a professional pool servicing at least once a year to make sure that your pool remains in excellent condition throughout the year.

They can check on your pool equipment and parts such as filters, pumps, and heating systems, and make sure that all of them are working as they should. They can also help you prolong the overall life of your pool, including its parts.

Hire A Professional Pool Service

With the help of the pool maintenance tips mentioned above, you can make sure that your swimming pool is in its best condition no matter what time of the year to provide you and your family the enjoyment that you need.
If you need professional help with your pool maintenance, contact Crazy Legs Pool Service today. You can reach us through 302-682-9400 and at [email protected]. We would be glad to be of help!