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One of the things that we look forward to during summer is taking a plunge in the swimming pool. This is what comes to our mind when we imagine summer. Your holiday vacation wouldn’t be fun without a cool, blue swimming pool. After spending a long time in the heat of the sun, it would be great to immerse yourself in the pool.

That is why most hotels are proud of their pools. They know how important these pools are to their guests. Most people visit these hotels because of their wonderful swimming pools. Since this is the focal point of their business, they always want to make sure that their swimming pools are pristine and clean. So, how do these hotels maintain their swimming pools?

Pool maintenance can be a great challenge for most hotel owners. When this is not done properly, then it can cause great financial difficulty to the hotel’s budget. So, why is it important for hotels to implement pool maintenance?
When you are operating a facility that is constantly used by lots of people every day such as pools or gyms, it is essential that a strict maintenance plan must be followed. This can guarantee that it stays in great condition so the customers can enjoy using it.

A swimming pool that is not properly maintained can lead to several hygiene problems. Hence, it is important to have a well-organized maintenance plan.


Typically, swimming pools in hotels are used by lots of people. This means that it is important that a strict maintenance plan must be implemented in order to keep the swimming pool clean and safe. Having a dirty pool does not only look unpleasant but it can also result in numerous waterborne illnesses. When this happens, it can be a great disaster for their business.

To keep hotel pools free from any hygiene issues, some chemicals such as chlorine or bromine are being used. But is this safe for the general public? To ensure that these chemicals will not cause any harm to hotel guests, they must be used in small quantities and they must not be used more often.

Typically, the chlorine level of pools must remain between 1.0 and 3.0 parts per million. This is already sufficient to keep pools hygienic and healthy.

Tools and Equipment

There are different types of equipment that are needed in keeping your pool clean and properly maintained. In some hotels, they install automatic cleaners in their swimming pools. But despite having this, it is still important that it should be supplemented with skim nets to remove the various debris on the surface.

Pool brushes must be used in cleaning the area around the pool. These skimmers and brushes can be attached to telescopic poles and extend them across the swimming pool. Pool vacuums can also be attached to these poles to thoroughly clean the pool. Hence, these essential equipment are a worthy investment for hotel owners.

Hotels must also purchase liquid analysis kits so they can keep track of the levels of pH and alkaline in their pools.

What Is the Best Maintenance Solution for Hotel Pools?

How Do Hotels Maintain Their Swimming Pools?

The key is to concentrate on preventative measures rather than on corrective measures. Every day, you must check the chlorine levels, the water level, pH levels as well as its temperature. Try to clean your swimming pool at least once a week. You should also keep the waterline clean all the time. Use a vacuum cleaner and a brush to eliminate the dirt and debris in your pool.

Once a month, the water filters must be checked for any clogging and you also need to run a complete bacterial analysis.

These are just some of the strategies being used by several hotels all over the world. If you follow these tips, then you can keep your swimming pool to a world-class standard.

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