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The Dos and Don’ts of Pool Maintenance

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Do you ever just sit and daydream of being in the pool especially on a hot summer’s day? Nothing beats the feeling of jumping in the cold pool, under the heat of the sun, with your favorite music blasting from the speakers.

The pool is really a man’s best friend during hot summer days or boring weekends when you have nothing much planned for the day. It is especially fun if you have your friends and family with you, playing all sorts of games and taking photos. When you know you are going to hit the pool, expect a day full of fun and relaxation.

The pool makes a lot of people happy. Because of this, as pool owners, whether in private homes or commercial spaces, we need to maintain our pools so we can always give the pool users the best experience they can get when swimming in the pool or when just relaxing near it.

While there is professional help you can get such as here in the Crazy Legs Pool Service, you can maximize that service by doing what you can to keep your pool clean.

Benefits of Swimming In The Pool

1. Stress

The Dos and Don’ts of Pool Maintenance
Because you have fun while spending a day in the pool, you are assured that you will be relieved from your episodes of stress. Therefore, by regularly going to the pool, it will help you be relieved of the stress that you are feeling that is probably due to work, school, or even at home.

2. Aid in Brain Function Improvement

Since swimming is considered a fun activity and can be challenging as well, this improves brain function especially if you are swimming with others. Why? It is because when you interact with others, it can challenge the brain and improve how you strategize and think.

3. Increase Your Energy Level

Oftentimes we get tired because of our everyday workload whether you are a student, an employee, or a business owner. Thus, when we make time for leisure activities such as swimming in the pool, it boosts our strength and energy that can help us accomplish our daily tasks.

4. Improves Social Skills

This is why a lot of parents choose to give their kids swimming lessons or just have a normal day at the pool to give them a chance to interact with other kids. It is because this can help them improve their social skills at a very young age. This is not just helpful for kids, but even for teens and adults as well.

Now that all these benefits have been mentioned, it’s time we get down to the business of knowing how to properly maintain our pools as homeowners. Here are the dos and don’ts!


  • Clean regularly. Do not wait for all the dirt and possible damage to accumulate before doing something about it.
  • Establish a schedule or a cleaning routine that is convenient for you.
  • Stay up to date with the proper pool equipment. If not up to date, make sure that your pool equipment is also in top shape that is still able to do its job and function to make your pool squeaky clean!
  • Check the pH levels of your pool. If you find that you don’t have something to manage the pH levels, baking soda is actually a pretty big help.
  • Chlorine levels must also be checked to make sure that they are not too high or too low. The chlorine level is vital to ensure the safety of the pool.
  • Your pool deck! Yes, your pool deck must also be clean.
  • Leaves may look cute floating around your pool, but they must be removed immediately. Leaves come with dirt. Therefore, when leaves land on your pool water, the dirt that come from the leaves might transfer to the pool.
Those are the dos of pool maintenance. Let’s proceed with the Don’ts!


  • Most people try to “shock” their pools, but that will just blast chlorine and damage the pool water. Don’t do that!
  • It’s definitely a no-no to wear regular clothing in the pool. The pool will get contaminated with germs.
  • If your pets have not been bathed recently, don’t let them in!
  • Don’t try to repair electric pool equipment by yourselves because it is extremely dangerous.
Those are the don’ts of pool maintenance. With that last statement being said, you need extra and professional help. Good thing you are reading the right article.

How Crazy Legs Pool Service Can Help

How Crazy Legs Pool Service Can Help
With our expert knowledge and experienced team in pool maintenance, we will make sure that your pool is always in its best condition to make sure that it remains safe and inviting to everyone who Is going to use your pool – including you!

We do all sorts of pool services – commercial, residential, and hotel or motel pool services.

Our services include the following:

  • Pool Cover Sales
  • Reassemble Filter and Pump
  • Seasonal Opening/Closing
  • Maintaining Water Chemistry
  • Start-Up System
  • Pressure Washing Decks and Furniture
  • Vacuum Pool
  • Maintenance Logs
  • Janitorial
  • Scrub Tile Waterline and Walls
  • Tile Setter
  • Straighten Deck Furniture

With all of these services, you will definitely get more than what you paid for. It’s time to get out and get some sun and fun in the pool. But before that, let’s keep it clean. Give us a call at 302-682-9400 or fill out our website form and we’ll get started on getting your pool clean.