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Your Guide To Throwing An Awesome Pool Party

by May 6, 2020Pool Tips0 comments

Whether it is because it’s a hot summer day, your child’s birthday, or you just really want to throw an outdoor pool party, here are some ideas we are so excited to share with you so you can throw an unforgettable pool party.

There are a lot of things you can do at a pool party. The best part about throwing a pool party is that it is outdoors, which means you get to practice your creativity and resourcefulness even more. We know you have ideas of your own as well! Let us combine both of our ideas so that you know exactly what kind of pool party you want to throw.

1. Games That Will Get You Moving and Bonding

People love to be in water especially during a hot summer’s day. Combine that love for the water with some awesome games and you will definitely give your visitors, whether family or friends, a fun and awesome day outdoor and in the pool.

We will be sharing with you some of the games best done at a pool! Do not worry because we will be sharing with you the safe ones. There are tons of other games you can do and experiment on your own but always make sure to think of the precautions. Safety first because the pool area can be an accident-prone area.

a. Pool Volleyball

You do not have to be a volleyball player to play this. Just throw in a beach ball. You can even opt to put in a net in between your pool (if the space permits) so you can really conduct a full volleyball match just for the fun of it.

The gravitational pull of the water can definitely challenge the players, but hey, you might get more muscles after playing this. Fun and exercise in one game. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

b. Race To The Finish

It’s not being in the pool if you are not swimming. Why not kick-start your pool party by having your visitors race to the other end of the pool? That might just ignite their dream to become the next Michael Phelps. Maybe a prize for the winner?

c. Water Guns and Water Balloons

Your Guide To Throwing An Awesome Pool Party
Get all your guests running by using water guns and balloons on them! Maybe get them into teams and have some sort of laser tag game. That will definitely give them so many moments of running and laughter all at the same time.

d. Coin Hunt

Hey there, matey! Arrrgh! Get them to find hidden treasures in the form of coins. However, instead of coins, you may choose to put clean pebbles. Whoever gets the most pebbles win this game.
This game will definitely bring out the diving skills of each player.

e. Find the Invisible Water Bottle!

If you think the coin or pebble hunt is hard enough, wait until you play this game. Put a water bottle that is transparent inside your pool. That will definitely give your players and visitors a challenge to find that water bottle. Given this difficulty, if you are going to do this game, make sure you have a big prize prepared for the emerging champion!

2. Bring Out The Floaters

Bring Out The Floaters
Playing games is absolutely fun but can also be exhausting. There are days when you could play all day, but there are also days when you have to balance relaxing and playing. Make sure you have prepared some floaters whether in donut shapes or in lounge shapes so that you can all just lay down or sit and enjoy the coolness of the water with the heat of the sun.

Not only will you feel relaxed but floaters definitely look cute in those photos. Definitely Instagram-worthy!

3. Poolside Snacks and Drinks

Poolside Snacks and Drinks
When someone says outdoors, some people might already imagine grilling barbecue or burgers in the backyard. Make sure you will prepare snacks to munch on and drinks to sip so that your visitors will always be fueled with energy. Everyone knows that it is easy to get hungry when you are swimming. When it’s summer, it’s best to keep your drinks in a cooler to keep them cool and ready to drink when your guests get thirsty.

It is best to also choose to serve finger food because it is easy to eat. Just make sure that your guests wash their hands before going back to the pool to keep the pool clean. Cleanliness first!

4. Make Sure You Have Cleaned Your Pool

While this may be the last item on this list, this definitely should be of the top-most priority. Make sure you get a pool cleaning service to make sure your pool is squeaky-clean. Remember that you have to make your pool inviting and you can do that by making it clean. Not only that but having your pool cleaned is also doing a maintenance check to make sure that your pool is ready to receive guests and have activities performed in the pool.

Doing a maintenance check will also ensure that every part of your pool, from its tiles to the drainage is performing well. We do not want any casualties during your party.

Therefore, before you start going into planning what games to play and what food and drinks to serve, make sure to prioritize scheduling maintenance and clean-up for your pool. You do not have to sit all day and think about who can do this for you because Crazy Pool Legs Services can do the job!

Crazy Pool Legs Pool Service

You are crazy about swimming in your pool and we are crazy about maintaining your pool, to make sure that it stays at its best quality. We have the right tools and the right people to make sure your pool is in top shape! Let’s give everyone the best time at your pool party. Book an appointment with Crazy Legs Pool Service by calling us at 302-682-9400 now!